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Why Are All of the Clips in the GoPro Studio Timeline Equal in Size?

This is normal. The ‘timeline’ is actually a Storyboard. The size of the thumbnail is not a representation of the length of the clip. If you click on the clip in the Storyboard you can find the length of the clip in the Player Window by looking at the timecode displayed for the IN and OUT markers. Additionally the speed of the Play-head will change while playing over clips of different lengths though. It will play faster over shorter clips and slower over longer clips.

Can I Drag a Media File from the Computer Direct to the GoPro Studio Storyboard?

No, this is not possible. In order to add a video file to a GoPro Studio Storyboard, it is required to first add the file to the Media Bin after it has been converted to the GoPro CineForm format. You can do this by clicking the Media button in Step 2 - Edit. Additionally, the video files imported into Step 2 must be GoPro CineForm files.

When Exporting a GoPro Studio Project Only a Single Clip was Exported

If you were trying to export your project, but only a portion of your project was actually exported, it is likely that you had a clip selected in your Media Bin instead of your actual Storyboard. This causes only that individual clip to be exported. To fix the problem, make sure that you click on a clip in the Storyboard before exporting. That will put the focus on the Storyboard project and it will be exported correctly.

Why Does the Quality Slider Under Advanced Settings Default to Medium in GoPro Studio?

This is normal. It should default to medium for standard GoPro clips and High for content shot in Protune. When shooting in standard mode, there is no quality benefit in using the High setting. You’d be wasting hard drive space by choosing this option and gaining no quality.

Filenames Do Not Match Up

GoPro Studio has an auto-pairing feature which will determine whether a match for 3D is available based on many different aspects of data. If your clips do not have the same name the system will still attempt to auto-pair your file. In some cases you may find that it has not. If this happens you can manually pair your mislabeled videos using the Manual Import feature in the import queue. Note: it is always important to organize your media before beginning a project. If you find that your clips are out... Read More »

Vertical and Horizontal Adjustments in GoPro Studio

When a 3D file is created you are working with two active videos. If the auto-align between clips does not converge to your liking, you can use the Vertical and Horizontal adjustments to adjust these two videos to correct the convergence at the desired depth of field.

After Applying Effects to a Clip There is No Change in the Preview

If you applied a setting change or effect to a clip in GoPro Studio, but do not see any change in the preview, there are a couple of likely reasons. Reason #1 You may have accidentally applied the effect to a clip in the Media Bin instead of in the Storyboard. If this is the case the effect would not show when previewing your Storyboard. If this is the problem, click on the correct clip in the Storyboard and then make any necessary changes. Reason #2 The Split screen control may... Read More »

How To Share GoPro CineForm Files With Somebody Who Doesn't Have the GoPro CineForm Codec

In order to play back or edit with GoPro CineForm files it is required to have the CineForm codec installed to decode the video. The CineForm codec come included with GoPro Studio which you can download for free here: GoPro Studio product page.

Can I Post my Video Created From a Template to the Web?

Yes. There are no restrictions (copyright, music..etc) related to posting the output of your template based GoPro Studio generated videos. YouTube It is possible that YouTube will display a message stating "Your video may include music that is owned by a third party" if you are using the Shotgun Barrels template with the Small Town Zeros song "Secrets". Here is an image showing the message: If that happens, just click “Acknowledge” to accept the fact that monetization on that video production goes to the Artist. Facebook There should not be any... Read More »

How to Install GoPro Studio on a Mac

This article details the process to download and install GoPro Studio on a Mac. If you are using a computer running Windows, please see this article: How to Install GoPro Studio in Windows. Download GoPro Studio Step 1: Go to the GoPro Studio product page on the GoPro website. Step 2: At the bottom of the page choose your Operating System and enter your email address. Step 3: Click the “Download Now” button Step 4: The download should start for you automatically (The screenshot of the download below is from Chrome,... Read More »