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Programs to View and Edit Videos on a PC

To view and edit videos on a PC, you can use our free editing software GoPro Studio. GoPro Studio also lets you add titles, music, and basic transitions to your project. GoPro cameras create MP4 files. Many editing programs that support that format will also be able to work with the GoPro files.If you have an existing program that does not support MP4 files, you also have the option of using GoPro Studio to convert your files into a format compatible with your particular editing program. GoPro Studio can convert the... Read More »

How To Add Slow Motion or Fast Motion (Time-Lapse) in GoPro Studio

This article describes the process to either speed up or slow down video in GoPro Studio Slow Motion Method #1 In Step 1: Import & Convert you can select Advanced Settings and lower the frame rate, then convert the clip. For example if you shot a video at 1080p 60 fps, you could lower the frame to 30 fps. This resulting file would play at half the speed of the original. This method is recommended if you are planning on taking your converted clips into other applications that don't let you... Read More »

How to Resolve GoPro Studio Crashing Issues

Windows Typically, crashing issues can be resolved by doing any or all of the following: Make sure that you have the latest version of GoPro Studio installed (currently version 2.5). You can download the latest version here. Verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements by comparing your computer's specs to our requirements here: Minimum System Requirements Mac Click the “apple” icon in the top left corner of your screen, and then click “About this Mac”. Next, click “More Info…” Windows Click on the Start Menu, then right-click on the... Read More »

How to Create a Still Image from Video Using GoPro Studio

You can easily export a still image from your video file using GoPro Studio. Here is a procedure that details the process: Go to Step 2: Edit Select the desired video clip so that it is displayed in the Player window. Mac instructions - Place the playhead so that the frame you want to export is displayed in the player window, then selecting Share > Export Still. Windows Instructions - Place the playhead so that the frame you want to export is displayed in the player window, then selecting File >... Read More »

How Can I Remove the Distortion (Fisheye) Effect in GoPro Studio?

GoPro cameras are famous for their wide‐angle look. This is beneficial if you want your image to have a large field of view (FOV). However, in some situations you might want to reduce the FOV that you get when shooting in one of the camera’s wide modes. You can remove the fisheye effect to apply a “lens adjustment” to the converted GoPro CineForm file giving it a smaller FOV. Here is the procedure: In Step 1: Import & Convert select your clip and click Advanced Settings. In Advanced Settings check the... Read More »

Video Fails to Import into GoPro Studio

This article explains why your video file might not be importing properly into GoPro Studio. Make sure that you are not trying to import the footage directly from an SD card. First copy the files to a folder on your computer. Make sure that you have the latest version of Quicktime installed. Next, make sure that there are no non-English characters in the name of the the file being imported, or the folder path where the file is saved. Do not rename the file(s) prior to importing into GoPro Studio. Make... Read More »

How to Add Music to a GoPro Studio Project?

Here is how to add audio to your GoPro Studio Storyboard. In Step 2: Edit, click on the Media button in the Media Bin. This will open a window that allows you to browse for the audio files that you want to import. Locate and select the files that you want to use in your project. Click Open. The audio files should now be added to your Media Bin. Drag the files from the Media Bin to your Storyboard. Once the audio files have been added you can move and trim... Read More »

Getting Started with GoPro Studio - Video Tutorial

Here's a video tutorial that gives you an overview of how to use GoPro Studio.

Can I Add Photos to my GoPro Studio Project?

Yes, there is a method to add photos to the Storyboard. Here is the process: Note: When importing photos GoPro Studio will automatically bundle the photos together to make a time lapse if the photos are in the same folder and have the same naming convention. If you want to import a single photo, make sure that either the photo has been renamed or the photo is in a folder with no other photos using the same naming convention. In Step 1: Import & Convert, click on Import New Files. Browse... Read More »

How to Pan and Zoom in GoPro Studio

You can use Pan and Zoom on video in GoPro Studio using the Framing controls to change the composition of your clips. These controls are found in the Settings area. You will find controls for: Zoom Horizontal Vertical Rotation H.Zoom H.Dynamic To accomplish the Pan and Zoom effect you can follow this basic procedure: Select your desired clip. Adjust the Zoom setting until you are happy with how it looks. Adjust the Horizontal setting, Vertical setting, or both to move the image frame to the desired location. At this point you... Read More »