What is HyperSmooth?

What is HyperSmooth?
HyperSmooth is the next level of Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) introduced in HERO7 Black. With improvements on the GP1 chip and 2GB memory, the camera delivers gimbal-like stabilization for creating even more smooth video captures. Check out this video which highlights HyperSmooth stabilization (among other features):

How does HyperSmooth work?
With our advanced scene analysis and roller shutter correction algorithm, our camera is able to proactively look at how motion is happening frame to frame and adjust correction to make the video super smooth. This is achieved through an increase of the camera's processing memory (not to be confused with SD card recording memory). We use an advanced roller shutter correction algorithm

Which resolutions use HyperSmooth?
You can use this chart as guide:
ResolutionFrame RatesStabilization
4K 4:330/25No Stabilization
4K 4:324Standard Stabilization
2.7K 4:360/50HyperSmooth
2.7K 4:330/25HyperSmooth
2.7K 4:324HyperSmooth
2.7K120/100No Stabilization
1440p120/100Standard Stabilization
1080p240/200No Stabilization
1080p120/100Standard Stabilization
960p240/200No Stabilization
960p120/100Standard Stabilization
720p 240/200No Stabilization

Heads up: Image stabilization uses a lot of power when you’re shooting in high performance modes. In cold temperatures (0°C or lower) the battery’s capacity is reduced and is not able to keep up with the high-power usage. Because of this, HyperSmooth and Standard Stabilization are not available in these high-performance modes when operating in very cold temperatures: 
  • 4K60
  • 4K24 4:3
  • 2.7K60 4:3 
Your camera will let you know when it’s too cold to stabilize your footage.

User-added image User-added image User-added image

You can switch to a lower resolution or frame rate to capture stabilized footage in low temperatures.
Original resolution and fpsFor stabilization at low temperatures
4K24 4:32.7K30 4:3
2.7K24 4:3
2.7K60 4:32.7K30 4:3

Your battery’s condition is also important to the performance of your camera. Older batteries have diminished capacity due to age and will not perform as well in cold weather. We recommend getting a new battery if you are an active user with a battery that’s more than a year old.

PRO TIP: You can smooth out your footage even more by using Touch Zoom or set the field of view to Linear to crop your shots before you start recording. This will give your camera an even bigger buffer to use when stabilizing your video. 

How do I know if HyperSmooth is being used?
When an appropriate Resolution/Framerate combination is chosen, the camera will indicate that HyperSmooth Stabilization is applied.

User-added image

Experiencing motion blur or stuttering?
Try updating to HERO7 Black v1.70. There were some improvements made in this area which can help in certain situations.

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