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GoPro App schließt sich unerwartet

If you experience crashing or unexpected closing of the GoPro App, follow these steps to try and resolve the problem: Power your mobile device off and then on, then give it another try. If the issue persists and you are using an iOS device, skip to step 3. If you are using an Android device continue to step 2. If you are using an Android device, touch the wrench in the upper-right of the App. Select Preview Player and make sure that "Software Player" is enabled. If the app still crashes,... Read More »

GoPro App funktioniert nur in aktiviertem Flugzeugmodus

If turning on Airplane mode on your device is the only way you can connect to your camera, or get Live Preview to work with the GoPro App, then your device's APN settings are preventing the GoPro App from working on your device.  There are apps that affect data compression and your device's APN settings, which ends up conflicting with the GoPro App. Some examples of these apps are: Onavo APN-Switch   APN OnOff Snappli If you have any of these apps, you'll need to uninstall that particular app and restore your... Read More »

Wie kann ich in der GoPro App den Akkustand meiner Kamera einsehen?

If you are connected to your camera you find the battery percentage level in the Settings menu. You can enter settings by pressing the wrench icon in the lower right of the Command and Control screen.

Hat das Herunterladen von Dateien von meiner Kamera auf mein Handy Auswirkungen auf meinen Tarifplan?

No. Transferring files to your phone from your camera uses the camera's ad-hoc Wi-Fi network so your data plan will not be affected.

Warum befinden sich in der GoPro App Ausrufezeichen auf dem Video und Foto des Tages?

The reason for this may vary depending on what type of device you have. Here is an image showing what you might see:   If you have an iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) One of the following reasons is likely the cause: You do not have internet connection via your carrier's cellular network. You are not connected to any Wi-Fi network. If you have an Android device One of the following reasons is likely the cause: You are connected to your GoPro camera's Wi-Fi network. If you are connected to the... Read More »

Warum sollte ich über die GoPro App Video- oder Fotodateien auf mein mobiles Endgerät herunterladen?

There are a couple of benefits in downloading video or photos to your mobile device: It is required to download the files if you want to share them via your phone through email, social media, or text message. If your SD card is getting full it is a convenient way to save the files.

GoPro App: Das Vorschaufenster blinkt grün bzw. lila

When the camera preview window flashes green and/or purple, this means that preview has been lost temporarily. Don’t worry though… If camera control or preview is lost, the camera will remain in the last triggered state. This means that it will not stop recording if it was recording when the App’s connection was lost. This issue should be resolved with the latest version of the GoPro App, so make sure that you have updated. In order to properly use the latest version of the GoPro App, you will also need to... Read More »

Warum zeigt die Vorschau bei Aufnahmen im Zeitraffermodus „BUSY“ (AUSGELASTET) an?

This is by design. It's because the camera is taking pictures so quickly that it doesn't have time to refresh the image on the App each time.

Meine Videovorschau wird bei Querformaten in der GoPro App nicht horizontal angezeigt

If you cannot rotate your device to display video horizontally, it is likely that you have Screen Rotation disabled on your mobile device. The way in which this is enabled or disabled varies by device manufacturer. Generally this setting is found in the main device settings. If you are unable to locate it, please consult the device manufacturer for assistance.

Der Video Scrubber startet nicht zu Beginn eines Videos, wenn dieses in der GoPro App wiedergegeben wird

In some cases the video scrubber will not start at the beginning of a video clip when playing it in the GoPro App. In this case the solution is to just drag the scrubber to the beginning of the clip.