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GoPro Showcases $269 Consumer HD Camera that is Changing the Way Professional Action Sports Content is Captured. NAB 2010.

Half Moon Bay, Calif., April 9, 2010 – GoPro®, the world’s leading HD activity image capture company, will exhibit for the first time at the 2010 NAB show: Booth # C7519. The company will demonstrate how its globally best selling HD HERO® wearable sports cameras are enabling professional video content creators to capture immersive action sports video at a fraction of the cost of competing cameras costing ten to twenty times as much. Retailing for $299 MSRP, the HD HERO line of wearable HD sports cameras has become the tool of choice for professional film and TV action sports cameramen, displacing expensive competing cameras from companies such as Sony and Panasonic.

Company to Preview Upcoming Camera Technologies, including Wearable 3D™ HD Sports Cameras.

If you did not attend NAB (April 10 – 15, Las Vegas) visit our Video Channels to view example videos captured with GoPro’s game changing HD HERO line of cameras. Video samples include a slow motion, surfboard-eye view of professional surfer, Kalani Robb, powering his way through a gaping barrel at world famous Pipeline, Hawaii.

Since 2004, people all around world have been using GoPro’s wearable cameras to capture video and photos of themselves during their lives’ most exciting, and often hectic moments. Be it surfing, mountain biking, racing cars and motorcycles, or simply enjoying the odd base jump, consumers and professionals alike have looked to GoPro for the best in wearable sports cameras.

With the launch of its HD HERO line of full 1080p wearable cameras in November, 2009, GoPro became an action sports camera of choice for many broadcasters including FUEL.TV, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, SpeedTV, and more. GoPro’s powerful and convenient wearable cameras help professional content creators capture footage that would not be possible with larger, more expensive cameras. NBC recently relied on the HD HERO camera to capture “first person” HD perspectives of many of the competition runs, airing them live on their HD broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

In addition to broadcast quality 1080p video and audio, the camera’s small size and durability allows content producers to place it in spots to capture unique shots and bring a whole new viewing experience to their audience. These capabilities have broadened the appeal of GoPro to a wider audience of professional content producers.

Victor Hammer, directory of photography for hit CBS television show NCIS Los Angeles, says, “I can put a GoPro HD HERO where I have never been able to put a camera before. With the mounts and accessories, I can put it anywhere I want. These cameras are very reliable and practically indestructible. After an explosion or getting run over by a car, my crew and I always laugh when we pick up the camera and it still works. When the word about GoPro gets out, every Director of Photography will have six of them in their bag.”

Producer Rick McCallum of Lucasfilm Ltd., “When I saw the footage from the GoPro on our big screens at Skywalker Ranch, I was amazed something so small and affordable could deliver HD quality. GoPro has opened new doors for creativity in filmmaking. The versatility and price point equate to new shots that were simply not possible or would be very expensive to produce.”

This is GoPro’s first time exhibiting at NAB. The company’s 1600 square foot booth will feature GoPro’s complete line of HD HERO wearable and gear mountable 1080p HD cameras and accessories as well as two of the company’s racing cars that are used for R&D. Fifteen 55” LED flat panel TVs will showcase a wide range of dramatic HD footage captured with the HD HERO camera.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of TV and film professionals using our GoPro cameras in their work,” says Nicholas Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO. “It’s testament to the obsessive engineering and innovation at GoPro that we’re able to produce a consumer priced camera that is so widely used by professional content producers. The HD HERO is a game changer and we’re excited to showcase it at NAB.”

GoPro will also be previewing its Wearable 3D™ technology, a full wearable 1080p activity content capture system based on it’s award winning HD HERO camera.

“GoPro is leading the charge into immersive, in-sport 3D content capture that is simply impossible with larger, more expensive cameras,” says Nicholas Woodman. “GoPro’s Wearable 3D cameras will make it convenient for content producers to creatively capture 3D sports content in ways they wouldn’t dare do with other cameras. Thanks to our leading image quality and revolutionary low cost, cameramen can get risky and capture perspectives that capture viewers’ attention and applause. It’s a GoPro….Go for it!”



Mark Burnett, five-time Emmy award winner and avid GoPro customer, said in a previous statement, "We have used GoPro cameras in some of our biggest productions, like Survivor and The Bible. GoPro has allowed us to capture and share fascinating new perspectives that previously weren’t possible or were too costly, which in the end makes for better story telling. We are always excited to see what GoPro is working on next."

"In a world of smartphones and increasingly small cameras, GoPro is still the film fans device of choice and the rugged gadget that will launch the careers of many future directors. If in doubt, check out the home made rocket that took a GoPro to space or the shark footage, both on YouTube." - T3 Award for the GoPro HERO3

EY named Nick Woodman as the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year in Retail and Consumer Products Category

"Despite a lot of newcomers in the field, GoPro is still the leader in adventure cameras. The new Hero3 Black manages to pack an f/2.8 wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel sensor, and the power to shoot 30 still frames per second into a camera body that’s smaller than a bar of soap" – Outside Magazine "Gear of the Year" 2013

"Smaller, lighter, sharper, better … It’s the runaway POV cam of the year." National Geographic "Gear of the Year" 2013

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition wins Men's Journal Gear of the Year 2014

The GoPro HERO3+ is the "Best of the Best…’Top Gear’ Of The Year" - GearJunkie Gear of the Year 2013

"GoPro Cameras Can Make You A Better Bass Angler" - Field & Stream

"Top 10 YouTube Brand Videos" - AdWeek